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Overview of Yonezawa
Yonezawa – The town singing in harmony with histories and nature
Yonezawa is the southernmost city of Yamagata Prefecture in Tohoku (northeastern region), Japan, where it is hot in summer and glacial in winter with heavy snow. It provides people with various aspects of breathtaking nature during all seasons.
Historically, Yonezawa has been prospering as the castle town of clan Uesugi for 400 years. There are relics of those days all over the city, which still feast tourists’ eyes today. Also, a variety of relaxing destinations such as well-known hot springs and ski resorts are dotted around the city.
Food is excellent – ranging from traditional dishes to Yonezawa Beef famous equivalently to Matsuzaka/Kobe Beef. Yonezawa ramen noodles, Yonezawa soba noodles, apples and grapes are also delightfully delicious.
We all look forward to seeing you in Yonezawa, city of histories and nature.
Yonezawa city